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La Grange Heights Baptist Church is best described as a “country church in the middle of town.” Located at 1100 Woodcreek Drive in La Grange, Kentucky, we are easily accessible to anyone living in the Oldham, Trimble and Henry County area.

In the day of modern gadgets and sophisticated technology, LHBC is a throwback. A conservative Bible believing church which focuses on the fundamentals of our Christian faith, LHBC strives to be “old school.” We believe that Christ is the one and only way to salvation. We believe the entire Bible is the Word of God. And we preach and believe in the rapture of the church and the return of our Lord.

With churches on seemingly every corner it is important for a believer to know what a church believes before he or she decides to join. La Grange Heights Baptist Church is a loving, welcoming, exciting place. From the hymn books to the Bible we are a traditional church.
May God richly bless you as you seek the congregation where God would have you serve.

La Grange Heights | Testimonials:

“Bro. Chris is the best preacher around!” – Carol Cox/ LHBC Member

“It is the first church I have ever been to where I feel welcome and I actually can understand what the Preacher is saying.” -Michael Carmen/ LHBC Member

“With all of his education, he can still make the Bible understandable.” –Virginia Brewer/LHBC Member

“People know when they come here that they are going to hear the Word” – George Adair/Chairman of Deacons

“Bro. Chris, I love your sermons. I always know when I come to church; I am going hear a message, a conservative message, from the Bible.” -Brenda Smith/Pianist

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Audio CD’s of every Sunday morning message can be obtain free of charge through the church. If you would like a CD of a past message you contact the church at 502-445-1518.

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Saved, Selected or Both? | Well here we go again! The SBC and many of its leaders are firing off articles and responses at a rapid rate, debating and dicussing the issue of Calvinism. On one side you have Dr. Mohler. Dr. Mohler is the President of Southern Seminary and has been labeled by many as the most brilliant mind in the SBC today. On the other side is Dr. Jerry Vines. Dr. Vines pastored FBC Jacksonville, Florida and is considered by many to be the best preacher in the SBC. Mohler is a Calvinist. Vines is not. Mohler believes, at least to some degree, that God chooses some for salvation by divine decree and others are damned. It is said to be a work of grace, but it is for most Calvinists, a salvation of election. Vines is more Arminian in his view. He gives place a bit more to the idea that man has a will and has choice. Wrapped up in all of the complicated theological discussion are terms like TULIP, election and foreknowledge.
Rather than bore you with all the theoogical fine points let me cut to the chase. Dr. Mohler is a brilliant man, but brilliance does not mean perfection. Dr. Mohler, in my opinion, is the primary culprit in causing the division that we are currently facing. SBTS has become the most arrogant of institutions. As a whole SBTS treats anyone who does not ascribe to the "doctrines of grace" as if we are some poor, backward, thelogical bumpkins. It appears they have come to the conclusion that God has revealed all the mysteries of salvation to Calvinists and only Calvinists. Remarkably, the same Calvinists who are so assured of themselves within the walls of the classroom, are very secretive about their beleifs when converesing with Baptists church. Many never inform the churches where they serve that they are Calvinists, because they know it is NOT what Baptist believe.
Within recent years however, the Calvinists are coming out of the closet. A new boldness has overcome the "new" Calvinists. They are aggressive and even more arrogant.
Let me make my position abandantly clear. I cannot and will not abide Calvinism within any church that I pastor and the SBC is wrong to allow it to be spread within the denomination. Two cannot walk together if they be not agreed. I would welcome the departure of the more "reformed" from our Baptist churches. If that is upseting, so be it. But the arrogance of this new batch of preachers has to be sickening to God. Dr. Mohler should apologize for his role in dividing the SBC and he should repent for causing so many within the church to doubt whether or not they can even be saved. The Calvinists are more than welcome to call me names and view my theology as too simplistic, but I believe "whosoever" means what it says. I believe that Christ died for all. And I believe that a child that dies before the age of understanding is protected by grace, not by a TULIP. Thank you Dr. Vines for standing where Baptist have always stood. If the SBC wants to get the younger generation to plug in, stop allowing a few power players and their sons, to dictate what they rest of us should believe. Get the money, politics and erroneous teaching out of the SBC and get back to "tradtional whosoever will" preaching.