La Grange Heights | About Us:

La Grange Heights Baptist Church is best described as a “country church in the middle of town.” Located at 1100 Woodcreek Drive in La Grange, Kentucky, we are easily accessible to anyone living in the Oldham, Trimble and Henry County area.

In the day of modern gadgets and sophisticated technology, LHBC is a throwback. A conservative Bible believing church which focuses on the fundamentals of our Christian faith, LHBC strives to be “old school.” We believe that Christ is the one and only way to salvation. We believe the entire Bible is the Word of God. And we preach and believe in the rapture of the church and the return of our Lord.

With churches on seemingly every corner it is important for a believer to know what a church believes before he or she decides to join. La Grange Heights Baptist Church is a loving, welcoming, exciting place. From the hymn books to the Bible we are a traditional church.
May God richly bless you as you seek the congregation where God would have you serve.

La Grange Heights | Testimonials:

“Bro. Chris is the best preacher around!” – Carol Cox/ LHBC Member

“With all of his education, he can still make the Bible understandable.” –Virginia Brewer/LHBC Member

“People know when they come here that they are going to hear the Word” – George Adair/Chairman of Deacons

“Bro. Chris, I love your sermons. I always know when I come to church; I am going hear a message, a conservative message, from the Bible.” -Brenda Smith/Pianist

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9/30/2018 Romans 4
9/16/2018 Romans 3 (Part 2)
09/07/2018 Romans 3
9/2/2018 Romans 2
08/26/2018 Romans 1:18-32
8/19/2018 Romans 1:8-17
08/12/2018 Romans 1:1-7
07/22/2018 Heaven
07/15/2018 Eternal Punishment
7/1/2018 Eschatology
6/24/2018 Doctrine Concerning Satan
6/20/2018 Angels
6/10/2018 Holy Spirit II
5/29/2018 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit:An Introduction
5/20/2018 Doctrine of Christ
5/7/2018 Doctrine of the Trinity
4/30/2018 Existence of God
4/1/2018 Assembly of God
3/19/2018 Baptist Denominations
3/12/2018 Denominations Message 1
02/18/2018 Christian Science
02/11/2018 Mormonism
2/4/2018 Jehovahs Witnesses
1/28/2018 Not Again
10/29/2017 Church at Ephesus
10/15/2017 God and Country
10/08/2017 John 21
10/01/2017 Doubting Thomas
09/10/2017 Pontius Pilate
09/03/2017 John 17
08/27/2017 John 16
08/20/2017 John 15
08/13/2017 Thief on the Cross
07/02/2017 John 11
06/25/2017 John 10;22
6/11/2017 John 9
6/4/2017 John 8
5/21/2017 John7:1-39
5/14/2017 John 6:60
4/23/2017 The Loaves and Fish
4/16/2017 The Coming of the Lord
4/9/17 A Voice to Wake the Dead
3/26/2017 The Nobleman's Son
3/12/2017 JOhn 3:22-36
3/5/2017 JOhn 3:1-17
2/19/2017 John 2:12-25
2/12/2017 John 2
2/5/2017 John 1:35-51
1/29/2017 John 1:15-32
1/23/2017 John 1:4-14
1/15/2017 John 1:1-4
12/5/2016 Gifts to the Church
11/21/2016 Forgiveness
11/7/2016 The Miracles from the Cross



1 samuel ,6 | Youth sunday school questions :

1.) How long did the Philistines have the ark?

2. ) How did the philistines lords say to send back the ark?

3. ) What did the men of Isreal do when they got back the ark?

Read this week, and be prepared to answer questions.